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Pokemon GO Evolution Guide: Tips and Tricks

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has an interesting evolution system. Instead of beating other Pokemon in battles and earning experience points, the player has to get candies to make them evolve to their next form. The amount of candy depends on how many forms a Pokemon has, so it’s much easier getting an Ivysaur than a Golduck.

The easiest way to get an evolved Pokemon is to catch multiple versions of one that the player has already caught. Let’s say that the player has five or so Pikachu. This will give the player a lot of Pikachu-specific candy so that the most powerful one ? the one with the most CP ? can turn into a Raichu.

One other way to get candy for evolution is to transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow. This sadly isn’t explained in any of the game’s tutorials, but it’s an easy way to get necessary candies for evolution. All the player has to do is pick a Pokemon they don’t plan on using, tap it, then scroll down and find the transfer option.

Keep in mind that transferring a Pokemon will leave them with Professor Willow forever. There is no way to get this Pokemon back, so make sure the creature transferred is one that has low CP and isn’t the only one of its kind in the party. Considering how rare some Pokemon are in the mobile game, it is a caution all trainers should take seriously.

All candies in the game are specific to a creature in Pokemon GO, so a Meowth candy can only work on a Meowth and not a Squirtle. However, an evolved Pokemon can use the same candy as its previous form, so a Marowak can use the Cubone candy to become stronger. Stardust, on the other hand, can be used by any Pokemon, no matter who the player gets it from.

Pokemon GO has launched in certain countries but isn’t available worldwide yet. The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android devices as a free download, though it does have in-game purchases.

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