Pokemon GO Evolution Guide: Which Pokemon Should You Evolve?

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Pokemon GO

Due to the game?s focus on catching Pokemon instead of training them, Niantic?s Pokemon GO evolves Pokemon to their next evolution state through Candies which are collected by repeatedly capturing the same Pokemon. Due to this, training is less emphasized in the game. However, evolving Pokemon at the right times can make you stronger and further level up both your trainer and future Pokemon. Here?s how you should evolve your creatures to maximize their strengths.

General guide to PoGo v1.1

According to Lastminuteguy?s thread on SilphRoad Reddit, players should check the Pokemon?s ?Combat Point Curve? which can be found over the Pokemon. This curve determines the potential strength of a Pokemon if it?s trained.

Some Pokemon nearing to fill up their CP Curve meter have lesser CP than another Pokemon, which denotes a variability of individual Pokemon strengths in Pokemon GO. The guide says that it?s better to evolve a Pokemon which has a better potential than just buffing up an evolved Pokemon and going with it. Additionally, some suggest that it?s better to evolve the Pokemon first before buffing it up with Stardust and training experience to maximize its CP gain.

To correctly measure your Pok?mon?s potential, know the strongest CP so far, your trainer level, and how much is filled in your Pok?mon?s CP Curve. Knowing strong CP levels and weighing them out will help you decide which Pok?mon to keep and exchange for Candy with Professor Willow.

Meanwhile, higher trainer levels mean higher CP ceilings for your Pokemon, as trainer levels essentially replace the Gym Badge system in the main Pok?mon Games. Finally, lower progress on the CP Curve means more potential in improving the Pokemon?s strength. Here?s a tier list from the SilphRoad Reddit to know which Pokemon have the most potential to breed, if you?re aiming to go competitive or want to keep Gyms longer.

Despite all these helpful tactics, you shouldn?t mind the CP Curve that much when you?re just beginning. Focus on progressing in the game first and then start training Pokemon that has a good potential to become stronger. Stay tuned with Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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