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Pokemon GO Evolution: When And How To Evolve Pokemon?

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Pokemon GO

One of the integral component of the Pokemon GO is the evolution of Pokemon. Players can evolve Pokemon by feeding them Candies. Since finding powerful and rare Pokemon are not easy, players can effectively boost the CP (Combat Power) of the existing Pokemon by using the following Pokemon GO Evolution tips.

Pokemon such as Pidgey, Caterpie and Weedle require the lowest number of 12 Candies for evolution. For evolving various Pokemon like Rattata, Eevee, Oddish, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Pikachu and so on, 50 Candies are required. Haunter, Dragonair, Ivysaur and several others need 100 Candies for evolution. The mighty Magikarp requires 100 Candies to evolve into Gyarados.

For Pokemon that evolve once, it will require 50 Candies. However, Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squritle that evolve twice will require 25 Candies for the first evolution and 100 more for the next evolution.

Players can earn three Candies when a Pokemon is caught. By hatching an egg, players can get three to thirty-five Candies. After an evolution of Pokemon, a player can get one Candy. One can also earn a Candy when a Pokemon is transferred to the Professor.

Pokemon Go Evolution Lucky Egg

Best Time To Carry Out?Pokemon GO Evolution

The best time for a player to do all the evolutions is when he has a Lucky Egg and stocked up plenty of Candies. When activated, it can double the XP for 30 minutes. A Lucky Egg will be available to the player only when he reaches level 9.

Instead of waiting to reach that level, players can buy Lucky Eggs for the in-game store. A single Lucky Egg cost $0.99 or 80 PokeCoins. To buy 8 Lucky Eggs, players will have to spend $4.99 or 500 PokeCoins. Lastly, players can get 25 Luck Eggs for $9.99 or by spending 1,250 PokeCoins.

Once a player has a Lucky Egg, he needs to choose a suitable place with many PokeStops. After starting Incense or Lure Module, the player needs to active a Lucky Egg and catch as many Pokemon as he can.

Simultaneously, players should also start evolving all the Pokemon he has already caught. Heavy has reported that the technique can allow players to gain up to 60,000 XP through a single Lucky Egg.

Players can use the Pokemon GO Evolution calculator app to maximum the use of Lucky Egg for various kinds of Pokemon. PidgeyCal is also a handy to make the most of Lucky Egg.

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