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Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator App: Maximize Your Lucky Egg For All Pokemon Types

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Third party apps for Pokemon GO are sprouting here and there, and players? jobs are pretty cut out for them at this point. Using these apps aren?t exactly recommended, but since they do make the game a bit easier, ?some players won?t shy away from them. A new third party app aims on maximizing every Lucky Egg there is through the use of an Evolution calculator.

Redditor zachcowell recently shared his webapp called PokeLevel. The web app is pretty easy to use, and it?s also very useful. This new third party app looks to be an even better one than PokeVision as it allows the player to make future plans for his Pokemon roster.

The app definition states that PokeLevel ?will allow you to determine how many evolutions you can get from each Pok?mon type. Simply select the Pok?mon type(s) by clicking on the images at the top and input the number of candies and quantity of Pok?mon you have. ?

The features of the web app include:

  • ????????Supports all Pok?mon types
  • ????????Can filter by candy requirements
  • ????????Can disable/enable individual calculators
  • ????????Can customize whether or not to use a Lucky Egg (defaults to using the Lucky Egg)
  • ????????Can customize evolution time (defaults to 30 seconds)

The web apps is easy to use as all players have to do is locate the Pokemon of their liking. They can toggle Candy Requirement to browse through all the Pokemon in Pokemon GO. From there, players can add how many Candies or units of the same Pokemon they have with a few clicks.

The app automatically thinks that the Pokemon GO player is using a Lucky Egg, so results are paired with how much of the Lucky Egg will be put to use. The app insists that the players use a Lucky Egg so that evolving the Pokemon and other actions will reap double the XP.

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