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Pokemon GO Events: Niantic Wary Of Large Crowds

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Pokemon GO Events

Niantic CEO John Hanke wants to keep Pokemon GO events limited to a number of people. It seems that the company doesn?t want to create a big mess by organizing huge events in the future. Niantic has long started hosting events?for its other augmented reality?game called Ingress. While talking about events for?Pokemon GO, Hanke said that Niantic can ?adequately handle a number of people.?

During a recent interview, Hanke said that the company is aiming to build a better future for its game. Those who are concerned about future?Pokemon GO?updates should note that Niantic is already working on events and trading features. The company has not confirmed the arrival of these features, but Hanke confirmed that the studio is working o,?them.

The company has learned a lot from Ingress, but for Pokemon GO events, Niantic wants to make sure that they?plan it carefully first. The mobile game is just two months old, but it has managed to build a huge following. Their Pokemon game has become a huge hit, and if they were to hold an event for the mobile game?right now, Niantic would not be able to handle the crowd.

Hanke also said that Pokemon GO events locations would not be held?in small towns at first, but the company will try to do so. Fans are obviously not happy with this. If Niantic continues to follow Ingress for Pokemon GO events, there are chances that small towns will never see the events as they will be limited to big cities, leaving a large number of players behind.

More PokeStops

Hanke told Recode that the company is also working on bringing more PokeStops in the rural areas and small towns. He said that there are places that don?t have enough PokeStops and Niantic is working on it. Regarding?PvP battles, Hanke again didn?t reveal any specific details, but he said that the company is discussing this feature internally.

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