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Pokemon GO Events: How Ingress Could Influence Global Events

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Pokemon GO Trading As Seen From Trailer
People Trading In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Trading]

Before Pokemon GO, Niantic created another augmented reality title for the Android and iOS. Ingress, despite being less popular than Pokemon GO, was still a decent mobile title to have. The game has a few influences on the Pokemon augmented reality game already and it could also influence how Pokemon GO events could play out.

Redditor davidj93 shared a detailed look on how Niantic organized events for Ingress. The player is looking to give others an idea of how Niantic could execute Pokemon GO events in the future. If Niantic does give the Ingress treatment to the Global Events in Pokemon GO, then players are in for a treat.

Players can look at the YouTube channel of Ingress for a visual glimpse as to how events in the game play out. Niantic documents the events from various corners of the globe and it’s likely that events for Pokemon GO will get the same treatment seeing as it’s a bigger and more popular game already.

There are different event types for Ingress; Anomalies, NL-1331, IngressFS, and Mission Day. Each of the event types vary from each other, but the Redditor notes that the funnest event type are Anomalies. These events “completely change the normal game mechanics for the cities they’re being hosted in.” The Redditor also adds that entry in the event is free.

The detailed flow of the event looks pretty organized and with the help of Niantic, Anomalies were really in-depth. For starters, there are Niantic officials giving out pre-game announcements before the event starts. Niantic also hires actors who give speeches while in character. And before the event starts, a pre-game group photo is taken at a big park. In the case of Pokemon GO, it could be taken at a major landmark that serves as a PokeStop,

The player adds that these types of events are the ones that Niantic has a hand at organizing. They even pay for some of the things during the event. Players of Pokemon GO would want the same experience for the upcoming events in the game.

Pokemon GO events are expected to come anytime soon seeing as it’s one of the few missing features seen from the trailer. Whatever Niantic plans on doing with the events in Pokemon GO, it’s expected that they’ll have something more special in store for us.

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