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Pokemon GO Events: Here’s What Niantic’s Official Events Might Look Like

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Pokemon GO

Fans have many ideas for Pokemon GO events and now they have an opportunity to see how they might look like. Niantic is hosting XM Anomaly events for Ingress in August and beyond in many cities around the world. This is the best time for Pokemon GO players to find out

how Niantic can implement similar ideas in its latest game.

On the game?s official website, Niantic said that the events will take place in various cities in UK, China, US and Finland. The Ingress events are hosted throughout the year, and each one includes different activities including biking, walking, social meetups and pre- or post-event get-togethers.

A similar concept can be adopted by Niantic for Pokemon GO events. If it happens, there will be many interesting things players could look forward to in the future.

Pokemon GO has already encouraged players to come out in groups and explore. The nature of the game will benefit the event ideas that fans have shared.

If you are an Ingress player, you should attend any of the upcoming events because they do not require any level restrictions. This is one of the best features every player would want to see in Pokemon GO events as well. If you haven?t downloaded Ingress yet, you can download and attend the event just to get an idea of how events might look like in Niantic?s latest augmented reality game.

Fans say that Ingress events are very successful, but they need a lot of planning from the developers? side as well as from the players? end. Many players travel to different regions just to meet up and level up, a Reddit user said.

The same thing can happen in the Pokemon mobile game. Niantic has already confirmed trading in the game. If the other requested features such as PvP battles arrive in the game, such game updates will be important in Pokemon GO events.

Niantic has not released official details on how they will handle Pokemon GO events. However, with the way the company projects its game in trailers and promotional material, there are chances that there will be events for the game soon as the mobile title gets a worldwide release.

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