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Pokemon GO Event: Shiny Pikachu Release Unlikely, Here’s What Could The Next Update Be

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Pokemon GO eVENT
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Niantic doesn’t seem to be holding back on Pokemon GO events lately. It just wrapped up its Solstice event and introduced new challenge system in the game through Battle Raids. While the next confirmed one is the in-person Pokemon GO Fest, there seems to be another one in the pipeline and if the rumors are anything to go by, it could be the introduction of the third shiny Pokemon. Which creature could it be?

Citing an anonymous source, Slashgear reported earlier that Pokemon GO may soon feature a shiny Pikachu as part of an event for the game’s anniversary, and this may very well happen within this week or so. According to the site, Shiny Pikachu has been in the game’s code for some time now but Niantic has yet to launch it in-game. As the 1-year anniversary of the game is almost here, it makes perfect sense that the iconic Pokemon would get one of his most rare forms.

And if it’s anything like the Shiny Magikarp and Gyrados, Shiny Pikachu will reportedly be very difficult to come across.

A Shiny MagikarpJonas Sunico | The Bitbag

Shiny Magikarp In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Gameplay]

Pokemon GO Event not Shiny Pikachu

But how accurate is their claim? Here are the facts, per PokemonGoInformer:

A “rare” Pikachu is indeed arriving to the game soon. In an email sent out to certain people attending the computer graphics convention SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, it was reportedly mentioned that “Niantic, Inc., creator of Pokemon GO, will release a rare Pikachu.” But rare doesn’t necessarily equate to shiny.

The site says there is a possibility that this could be another hat-wearing Pikachu which Niantic has been giving in select events before. This rare Pikachu could even be exclusive only to the attendees of SIGGRAPH 2017. Also, there is no legit evidence yet that a new version of the critter will be released this week, so take it with a grain of salt.

So, What’s Next?

If we do get another Pokemon GO event, however, and it’s not Shiny Pikachu, one of the best possible outcomes is the long-awaited unveiling of Pokemon Go’s Legendary Pokemon. There were Legendary Raid passes that were reported this week and though they were confirmed fake, Niantic promised they will eventually arrive as soon as during the one-year anniversary week.

July 6 falls before the weekend this year. If it does materialize,  players will have an excellent opportunity to head out and take on some Level 5 raids or hunt some Legendary Pokemon.

Then again, nothing is certain just yet. For all we know, the missing Pokemon could debut on the Chicago Fest or a much later date. But given what Niantic has teased, it would not be surprising to see the Legendary Pokemon released later this month.

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