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Pokemon GO Europe And Canada Release: When Will The Game Come Out?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is already available in some parts of the world, but fans in Europe and Canada are still waiting for the game?s official release. Many fans in these regions may have downloaded the game already through the APK file, but an official release is still not available. According to reports, the game will be launched in Europe by the end of this week. Players in Canada may also get the game this month, as the company said ?It will be available in other countries around the world in the days ahead?.

Recently, Glixel posted a tweet, and it suggests that the game will be out in Europe before this weekend. The tweet?s legitimacy was backed by journalist John Davidson. He said that the information came from the official PR sources of Niantic. While there is no official statement from the Pokemon Company or Niantic regarding the Pokemon GO Europe and Canada release, it is possible that the company will launch the game in the same way Nintendo hosted the field tests.

The game is currently available in North America, New Zealand and Australia. It is available on Android and iOS for free, but since the launch, it has been plagued with issues. Nintendo and Niantic have not shared any specific release date for the game?s arrival in Europe and Canada. It is possible that the company is making sure that the issues are fixed before the game launches in these regions.

The game?s field tests debuted in Japan first, followed by Australia, New Zealand and later in the US. If Nintendo follows the same pattern, players in Europe and Canada will have official access to Pokemon GO soon. Meanwhile, those who have not yet played the game should learn the basic tips and tricks to have an edge over other players. Players should also note that they?ll need to keep their battery chargers and mobile data plan ready because the game eats up a lot of power and data.

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