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Pokemon Go Endgame Play: What To Do After Reaching High Levels

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become an extremely popular game all over the world. Ever since its release, gamers have been doing everything to try and level up their Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that has taken over the App Store and Google Play charts. It allows users to capture Pokemon in their own environment. It gives them an opportunity to enter a gym and start their mission to become the best Pokemon trainer there is. But so far the game is still new and once you reached high levels there is a cap as to what you can do next.

According to Forbes, one activity that Pokemon Go players can do once they have maxed out their level is to hatch eggs. Yes, hatching eggs can take on a whole new importance once you have reached the latter stages of the game. It may seem like a very insignificant part of the game yet it can really be beneficial once you have maxed out your level.

Leveling up once you hit level 20 can take really long, which is why turning your attention to egg hatching can pay dividends. For one, hatching eggs can give you Pokemon which is not even available in your area. Searching for new Pokemon once you have 70 to 80 in your Pokedex is a big challenge unless you take a road trip to another city or location. By hatching eggs, you may be able to get Pokemon unique to your area without even leaving your city.

Pokemon Go


It is a good idea to invest in incubators and focus on egg hatching instead of being frustrated with the XP wall that you have in front of you. Gamers will just be surprised just how rewarding hatching Pokemon eggs can be.

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