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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Tips: Game Not Recording Distance Traveled? Here’s Why

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO continues to be a worldwide phenomenon despite its faults. The game is generally fun when it’s about catching Pokemon and getting eggs from PokeStops. However, it seems like getting Pokemon from Eggs have been a bit troublesome for fans recently, since it seems like the game might not be recording the distance travelled.

One Reddit user recently discovered this, and it has been a bit problematic. The game only seems to sample the locations players are in every four minutes or so, making it difficult to hatch the Pokemon Eggs that players need. Thankfully, there is a solution, and it’s not that complicated for anyone worried.

All the player has to do is turn the Pokemon GO app on five minutes before the player sets off and goes on an adventure. While this is happening, players can do what they normally do in the game, including catching Pokemon and maybe even get some extra eggs, assuming a player finds one in the PokeStop.

When the adventure is done, players should keep the game on for another five minutes. This is to make sure the game has recorded the data, since it has been a bit buggy as of late. It’s a shame that the mobile title has yet another problem, but at least this one has a solution that doesn’t require much effort.

Pokemon GO eggs are a bit trickier now.

The only problem with this solution is it will take a lot out of the device’s battery. The mobile game has not been kind to any device’s battery, something Niantic have addressed in the past. The developers are still working on a solution, though there are ways to get over the problem. Still, players better bring a power bank with them if they’re planning to go on an adventure with the game, since using data is already hell on the battery life, so running a game that does the same won’t help.

Pokemon GO is available now in certain countries. The game can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, so nobody is left out of the fun. ?

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