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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Tips: Direction Travelled Affects Covered Distance

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Pokemon GO

As per basic knowledge, eggs in Pokemon GO can only hatch if the player travels certain distances. Players have legitimate ways to efficiently cover distances in the game with the help of mathematical concepts. This way, they can maximize their egg hatching progression while traveling or are just plainly looking for a faster way to progress in the game.

According to MacAtack3?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, applying some mathematical formulas in your walking patterns may make your game experience a little more efficient. Walking diagonally toward your intended destination means you?ve traveled the same distance as moving forward to your destination. Doing this actually saves some time and effort, so make sure to bust out any other geometry or trigonometry tricks to incorporate in your Pokemon GO play. Meanwhile, those walking in a straight or diagonal path will earn more distance than those walking in circles or a zigzag path.

Eggs is a different way of obtaining Pokemon in the game. Since there aren?t any Pokemon that can only be uniquely obtained through eggs aside from region exclusive Pokemon, it?s better to not focus too much on hatching all of them.

The best way to hatch eggs in Pokemon GO is by moving forward without the aid of vehicles.

If lucky, the player may hatch a Pokemon with perfect stats for the game?s competitive systems. Alternatively, hatching eggs also increases your trainer experience and maximizes your Pokemon?s CP growth. Alternatively, eggs can double as a rewarding pedometer for active players as they don?t only get a new Pokemon; they are also able to do some exercise while covering distance needed for the egg.

However, these tricks may only apply if there?s a large amount of space in a place and you aren?t considering your own surroundings for walking. Players shouldn?t always try to travel across circular structures like fountains or park circles then suddenly walk diagonally across the road to avail of this energy saving bonus. These moves are generally risky, so it?s always important to keep safe in your travels. Remember to prioritize your safety while playing Pokemon GO.

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