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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Speed: New Changes In Niantic’s Latest Update

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Pokemon GO fans are about to read some eggxellent news. It looks like the developers in Niantic have managed to speed up the hatching process of the Pokemon Eggs in the mobile game, which is good news for those who currently have a number of them in incubation. It’s not yet known if the sped-up hatching is due to improved tracking or if an update made the eggs hatch faster, but either way, it is good news.

The news was confirmed by Pokemon GO Hub, where the author confirmed that the game’s eggs do hatch much faster than they previously did. Prior to the improvement, it would take five or so minutes for the Pokemon Eggs to start incubating properly, which annoyed mobile players. That problem has now disappeared, or has at least been improved tremendously. One thing is sure though, no one will be complaining about this move at all.

Even better is the fact that biking with the game on will incubate the eggs properly, absorbing the necessary footwork for the egg to hatch. Players might still have to follow the established speed in order to make this work properly, but it works much better now that the five minute delay has been stopped. It seems like Pokemon GO is officially a smoother experience for those who like to play the game while cycling.

It will be interesting to see what other improvements are coming to the game. Beta testers are currently trying out a new update of the hit mobile title that has an improved ?sightings? feature, letting players tap the Pokemon so they can see the actual location they’re in. Trading has also been brought up, along with Pokemon Centers, but it seems like there is a long way to go before players get those features.

Still, it seems like Pokemon GO is continuing to be a great experience for fans of the show and the various video games. It’s a free download for iOS and Android devices, with in-game purchases that require money, should the player ever need a boost. The game is now available in a lot of countries and should be out worldwide soon.

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