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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching: How Server Ping And Speed Affect Distance Traveled

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Pokemon GO

Besides catching Pokemon in the wild, players can also gain new Pokemon through hatching Eggs in Pokemon GO. However, there are a lot of factors like server ping and speed that affect your Egg hatching progress in the game. These factors are hard to trick without cheats and if you don?t plan on legitimately covering distance by walking. Here?s an explanation about the systems that affect Egg hatching in Pokemon GO.

Server Ping

According to Davedamon?s thread on Pokemon GO Reddit, the app does not use a pedometer-based system but a ?refresh distance measurement? to track your distance progress. This means that the number of steps do not matter in the Egg hatching progress. With this refresh distance measurement system, Pokemon GO records your positions and measures your distance from each recorded position. It also doesn?t measure curves but only straight lines, which explains the reduced Egg hatching progression gains in some cases.

Plainly speaking, Egg hatching promotes walking and taking routes that maximize the ?straight line? measurement of the game?s systems. You?ll need your connection up every time so the server can record and ping your locations and distance data and translate them as Egg hatching progression in the game.


Due to the game?s Egg hatching progression relying on long distances, the game has a built-in prevention system to prevent players from quickly hatching Eggs with vehicles. If your phone travels fast and goes beyond the game?s imposed speed limit, it?ll stop adding progression to your Egg hatching meter. This system is to prevent players from driving or riding their bicycle real fast to make the Egg hatching faster. To work around this system, players can drive slowly or just resort to covering distance on foot. Running is also viable albeit tiring for unfit players.

While these data could be particularly handy and puts some frustrations to rest, the best trick to hatching Eggs in Pokemon GO is to keep moving forward. Just consider the real world street traffic, keep your phone on and connected, and proceed moving forward to rake in those Egg hatching points.

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