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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching: Can You Get All Region Locked Pokemon?

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Getting region-locked Pokemon through egg hatching in Pokemon GO seems possible. Recently, a player claimed that he has caught some Pokemon that do not belong to his area. It is being said that egg hatching in the game can get you these region-locked Pokemon, and there?s currently no alternative to this method.

Apparently, Pokemon GO features some region-locked Pokemon. Players can only see and catch Pokemon available in their region unless they travel abroad to catch the other ones. When the game launched, the region-specific Pokemon weren?t confirmed, but later fans realized that Niantic has locked some Pokemon according to regions. Since then, many players have been claiming that they saw Pokemon of other regions on their map, and these sightings have drawn a lot of attention.

So far, there?s no official information available suggesting that one can catch region-locked Pokemon from other locations. On Reddit, there?s a discussion going on where players are suggesting that egg hatching helps you get region-locked Pokemon. Some of the 150 Pokemon are only available in specific regions. For example, Tauros is exclusively available in North America, while the players in Europe are the only ones to get Mr. Mime. For Asia, there?s the exclusive Pokemon Farfetch?d, while Australians will have Kangaskhan.

The claims that some players have acquired such Pokemon from eggs without any region restrictions somehow debunk the rumors that there are actually region-locked Pokemon in the game. Niantic has not yet introduced trading in Pokemon GO, but when it does, players from different regions would definitely be able to catch ?em all. Until then, the numerous reports on getting region-locked Pokemon through egg hatching would definitely attract players.

Much like the other Pokemon games, it seems that Niantic?s Pokemon GO has a lot of secrets that need to be uncovered. Since launch, players have been sharing tricks and ways to enhance the gameplay experience, and some of them have already found ways to catch Pokemon fast and even without moving an inch. Egg hatching is already being used by many players to find new Pokemon in less time. However, it makes collecting all of the Pokemon less challenging as people won?t need to travel to different regions to collect them all through such trick.

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