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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching: Movement Speed Limit Decreased By Niantic In Latest Update

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It looks like Niantic may have slotted in some more unannounced tweaks in the latest Pokemon GO update. There is hard evidence floating online that indicates the game?s egg hatching speed limit has been reduced.

Niantic Targets Car Hatchers With Latest Pokemon GO Update

On The Silph Road subreddit, a user by the name of Beastamer claims that the speed threshold is now?10.5km/h ? a significant reduction from the original value 18km/h.

?The game calculates distance traveled between previous location and current location every minute and updates your egg screen every 4 minutes. It then compares that distance to the maximum amount of distance it will allow you to travel in a minute?s time,? explains Beastamer in his post. Previous experiments reinforced this, showing a maximum distance per minute of 300m, which translates to 18km/h.

Post-update, Beastamer conducted another study and noticed that his eggs were hatching much slower. Using the same methodology, he landed on the new 10.5km/h figure.

It?s likely that Niantic introduced this change to eliminate ?car-hatching?: the act of getting on a slow-moving vehicle in order to hatch your Pokemon eggs. Reducing the speed limit to 10.5km/h pretty much eliminates most modes of transportation from using this method.

Reaction to this news was mixed. Some commenters say that the harsh speed reduction unfairly penalizes cyclists and others who make use of non-motorized transportation. Even jogging and brisk walking may put you at risk of exceeding the new speed limit.

A user named Kyuikaru suggested that Niantic introduce a hatching mode to compensate for the new speed limit.

?What would be amazing is if you could put it in a ?hatching mode? and while in that mode, you wouldn’t be able to encounter ‘mons but your speed cap would be more like 15-20mph or so. This would still deter drivers while letting biking be a better possibility for those that want to go crazy with hatching.?

What do you think? Was Niantic right to implement this fix? Let us know your thoughts on Pokemon GO?s new update in the comments below.

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