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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Cheats: Makeshift Bots For Travel-Free Hatching

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Pokemon Go

One of the most arduous tasks in Pokemon GO is hatching Eggs. Players are required to walk up to 10 km to hatch Pokemon Eggs, and at the end are some well-deserved Pokemon. Not everyone has the time and energy to walk for kilometers on end, and sometimes, the best way to hatch these Eggs is through the use of ?bots.? These ?bots? aren?t essentially automated machines designed to keep the kilometers going, but they?re instead everyday items we can use. Here are some of the best bots in Pokemon GO to hatch Eggs.

An Electric Fan

This hefty trick will literally get your smartphones spinning. By tying their smartphone to a ceiling fan, players can keep the kilometers going without having to walk. This is one of the more dangerous forms of bots though as one mistake could send the smartphone flying across the room. Since Pokemon GO is geared to detect unusual speeds when in motion, it?s better to keep the fan?s speed at a minimum so that the movement counts.


This should?ve been the obvious form of bot. By attaching the smartphone to a Roomba, Pokemon GO will continue counting the distance, thanks to the device?s steady pace. Aside from being able to hatch eggs, players can also get a cleaner house with this neat trick.


Another effective but dangerous method to hatch eggs without walking is through the use of drones. It?s yet another dangerous trick though as the drone could crash or the phone could drop at one point. What?s good about drones though is that players can control it freely from their home, and the drones don?t even have to be far for the trick to work. The drone could move around in a small area on and on and the kilometers will still dwindle down.

Players should take note that the direction travelled by players affects how much distance the game registers. This means that going in circles will net a small amount of distance covered. This can easily be countered by turning off the ?high accuracy? GPS feature of your smartphone so you can use all of the abovementioned Pokemon GO cheats.

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