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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Cheats: Hatch Eggs Without Walking On Android & iOS

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Are you looking for egg-hatching cheats for Pokemon GO? It is possible to hatch eggs on iOS and Android without even walking. Players need to walk a certain distance in order to hatch eggs. Players will surely aim to walk 10 kilometers as hatching an egg with a farther distance traveled will bring out better Pokemon. Because walking that far can be tiring for some, they can opt to use a egg hatching trick without even taking a single step.

According to a Reddit user, players must simply turn on the battery saver mode on their mobile device. Doing this will turn off the accuracy of the GPS, and your location would be determined by the network and WiFi. To do this, head to your phone?s location settings and turn off ?High Accuracy? and tick ?Battery Saving? instead. Doing this will prevent the app from locating the character accurately, and it will think that you are walking even if you?re just standing still.

This trick is a big help for egg hatching in Pokemon GO, so players can hatch stronger Pokemon without having to walk for miles. They can even just turn the app on while at work and have a strong Pokemon hatch from it.

Doing this trick will also save battery life. Turning off the ?High accuracy? will also make you consume less data. This trick is applicable on both Android and iOS devices.

Egg hatching in Pokemon GO is a tedious task as you have to complete a fulfill a certain distance to get a new Pokemon. To hatch eggs for rare Pokemon, players need to travel a lot and using cars or other fast modes of transportation isn?t viable because their movement would not be counted. If players move faster than 20 miles per hour, their distance traveled will not be counted. So, in this way, Niantic forces players to walk, but this trick has solved the problem and now players can hatch eggs without leaving the comforts of their home.

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