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Pokemon GO Egg Hack: How To Use Eggs To Acquire Multiple Gyms Indefinitely And Get Unlimited PokeCoins

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players are putting lot of efforts in training their Pokemon at Gym. However, there are some other players who have found one an interesting hack that has made it possible to capture a gym using a Pokemon GO egg.

Pokemon GO eggs are available at every PokeStops. An egg can be hatched by placing it in an incubator and by walking a certain distance. The eggs can hatch various kinds of creatures including rare Pokemon.

However, the new Pokemon GO exploit reveals that the egg can be effectively used to take over a Gym! It is surprising because eggs are meant to hatch Pokemon and are not intended to acquire a Gym. When Pokemon eggs are left in a Gym, it becomes impossible for others to challenge it.

Pokemon GO eggs do not have Combat Points (CP). Hence, they cannot be attacked. It indicates that a player who uses an egg to take over a Gym can collect coin continuously.

Pokemon GO

PokeCoins are in-game currency that can be acquired in two ways. The first method requires the player to put a Pokemon to guard a Gym and then use the Defender Bonus to get 10 PokeCoins.

The other way to get PokeCoins requires players to spend really money. For 100, 550, 1,200, 2,500, 5,200, 14,500 PokeCoins, players need to shell out $0.99, $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $39.99, and $99.99, respectively. This is one of the ways Niantic and Nintendo generates money through the game.

However, through the new hack players can gather 1,250 PokeCoins without spending real money and then use it to buy 25 lucky eggs and this could be effectively used to take cover other gyms

These gyms can be acquired for an indefinite period of time. It means rivals will not be able to take over such a Gym since it is guarded by an egg and not by a Pokemon.

One should be aware of the fact that it is certainly a glitch in the game. Currently, Niantic is silent on it but it can easily consider as a cheating technique. Hence, it may ban a player who uses a Pokemon egg in a Gym.

Here is other exploits and cheating techniques that players should not use to avoid getting banned by Niantic. For more Pokemon GO cheats, keep coming back to TheBitBag.

Source: YouTube / PoGo Marki

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