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Pokemon GO Egg Chart: Best Source For Egg Hatching Facts?

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Pokemon GO

There are a few ways to get Pokemon in Pokemon GO. First is the usual method of encountering Pokemon while walking, but since the game is still without a decent tracker, finding Pokemon isn?t as easy as it used to be. Another method is by hatching Eggs, which is also done by walking. Since egg hatches are random, some players are looking for sources to check which eggs hatch which Pokemon.

Redditor Dyatai recently asked others about what?s the best source for checking out the egg hatches in Pokemon GO as there are contradicting data online. One player answered that Serebii is the best source as it is accurate, and all things Pokemon are abundant on the website.

The hatches per distance are actually pretty easy to determine. First off, players should rule out any evolution Pokemon from egg hatches as only their base form can be acquired through eggs. The quality of the Pokemon gets better as the distance gets bigger.

2KM eggs reward player with basic Pokemon including the starters Pikachu, Magikarp, Jigglypuff and many more. 5KM eggs, on the other hand, include a lot of Pokemon. In fact, 5KM eggs have the biggest Pokemon count which include the likes of Abra, Machop, Koffing, Mankey and many more. Lastly, the most desirable and most tiring eggs are the 10KM eggs. Top-tier Pokemon hatch from these eggs including Onix, Hitmonlee, Scyther, Eevee, Aerodactyl, Snorlax and Dratini. Additionally, some players report to getting region-locked Pokemon like Farfetch?d and Tauros through eggs. However, many are speculating that they?re just players using GPS spoofing methods.

Aside from getting the Pokemon, Pokemon GO players will also be rewarded with extra XP for hatching eggs. The XP will vary depending on several factors including distance travelled and whether or not the Pokemon has been captured before.

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