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Pokemon GO Eggs: Niantic Makes Huge Hatching Changes, Six Common Pokemon Removed

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pokemon go easter event
Is an Easter event happening? [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

New changes are in store for Pokemon GO as Niantic recently tweaked a major component of the game. After a new update, the rarity tiers of eggs are in for a few changes and players should take note of these before getting in the game. 

Commons Removed

The Silph Road has discovered a few new changes to the rarity tiers in Pokemon GO eggs and players should look into these immediately. A few Pokemon have been completely removed from eggs while others have moved up a notch in the tier, making them rarer than what they used to be.

Sandshrew, Psyduck, Paras, Tentacool, Natu, and Wooper can no longer be acquired from Pokemon GO eggs. A research by The Silph Road reveals that these six Pokemon no longer appeared in eggs during or shortly after the Grass type event which began on May 5. This was the same before and after the Rock-type event, making it official that they’re no longer obtainable from eggs. Players shouldn’t worry though if they haven’t caught these Pokemon yet as they can still be encountered in the wild.

New Uncommons

Aside from the Pokemon removed from egg hatching, Niantic also made two new species more rare when getting them from an egg. Dratini and Pineco, both from 10 KM eggs, were previously rated as common hatches. However, they’re a bit harder to hatch as they’ve become uncommon Pokemon from eggs. Moreover, Scyther had no exact rarity tier before and was believed to be either uncommon or Rare. Now, Scyther is classified as a rare hatch.

Just a few months ago, The Silph Road discovered that there was a secret egg rarity tier in Pokemon GO. Thanks to this, players can easily determine the Pokemon they can easily acquire from eggs. It also reveals some of the Pokemon that are going to be a chore to get.

There are four rarity tiers for Pokemon GO egg hatching according to The Silph Road: common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare. It’s a big help to see Pokemon classified according to their rarity as players can easily see what their chances are in obtaining their desired monsters.

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