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Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Lineup Changes As Easter Event Ends

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Niantic gave players of their augmented reality game a lot of things to do in the previous days with the Easter event. Players have had access to to a ton of special bonuses with the Easter event, giving everyone a reason to get busy with the game. Now that the Pokemon GO Easter event just ended, there are a few changes players should take note of.

The Pokemon GO community is curious as to what happened with the egg hatching lineup after the Easter event. Players in the community are reporting all of the changes they have found in egg hatching.

A lot of players are reporting that they are getting starters that they are still getting gen 2 starters in 5 KM eggs after the Easter event ended. This includes Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile. Before the event, the gen 2 starters; along with the gen 1 starters, are hatched from 2 KM eggs and it didn’t take much for players to capture them. However, after the Easter egg event, getting the starter Pokemon will be a bit harder now.

Many have speculated that the eggs might’ve been acquired before the Pokemon GO Easter event ended so they’re a different Pokemon from the eggs. However, those who acquired the eggs are reporting that they acquired and hatched the eggs recently.

Not all egg hatching results have changed after the Easter event. Redditor thormi01, is reporting that Mantine is back in its usual 10KM egg. One player reports that he got 2 Larvitar, 1 Dratini, Pineco and Gligar from 10KM eggs. There’s a chance that not all egg distances have been changed.

We’ve yet to know the full list of egg hatching changes since the Easter event ended, but it’s certain that the gen 2 starters are now acquired from 5KM eggs instead of 2KM. There’s a chance that it’s only the starters that have a different egg since they’re the only one that players have been reporting on recently.

During the Pokemon GO Easter event, players had access to a neat egg hatching bonus. Players can hatch rare Pokemon from 2KM eggs. It’s likely that Niantic have reverted the egg hatching results and made a few new ones as well.

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