Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions Are Not Random?

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Due to Pokemon GO?s Stardust and Candy Evolution Systems, the main game?s evolutionary stone system is out of the question. Without items such as Fire Stone or Water Stone to help Eevee evolve to its Generation 1 form, many players think that Eevee Evolutions are randomly selected. However, fans on Reddit are already looking for clues to control or influence Eevee?s evolution in the mobile game.

The old Evolution Stone system in Pokemon GO have been replaced by the Stardust and Candy Evolution system which works similarly. Players should gather enough Candy to evolve a certain Pokemon to its next evolution state. Players get candies if they catch a Pokemon that they have previously caught, and they will have to keep stacking enough Candies to evolve a Pokemon to the next level. In Eevee?s case, players will have to repeatedly capture Eevees until they get enough Candies and finally it.

However, players cannot choose the Eevee form, as it is decided only by the game itself. In future Pokemon generations, the Eevee evolution tree extends to more evolutions, and other Pokemon have branching evolutions too. This can pose a problem in the game in the future if branching Pokemon evolutions start to discourage players due to its luck-based results. Currently, most players dismiss Eevee evolutions as a random system where they?ll have to keep finding Eevees to get Candies and evolve the creature until they get the form they want.

However, fans on Reddit have launched a research to find out how the Eevee evolution or at least the branching evolution system in the game works. On G0mega?s thread, he asked all of the game?s players ?to share their experiences in evolving Eevee according to their Pokemon GO faction, starting Pokemon, particular move that their Eevee had, and the result of their Eevee evolution attempt. With this data, they?re trying to find a pattern that decides the Eevee evolution in the game.

Despite being a mouthful of data to discuss among your friends, this research could potentially determine the game?s version of the branching evolution system. However, this study could be rendered useless once Niantic announces an update that will make the system more convenient or at least more understandable. We?ll have to wait for a Niantic announcement or for players to actually decipher the Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution system.

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