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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions: Names To Force Evolve Next Gen Eeveelutions

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Pokemon GO

Eevee has been one of the more sought-after creatures in Pokemon GO ever since it was revealed how its evolutions, or Eeveelutions, if you will, work. With Pokemon from other games possibly being added to the mobile hit, it will be interesting to see what nicknames will trigger the Pokemon’s other Eeveelutions.

The Pokemon’s initial evolutions are Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Recent games have added even more evolutions to the creature, including the psychic type Espeon, the dark type Umbreon, and even a grass Pokemon called Leafeon.

It was recently revealed that using the names of the Eevee brothers – Sparky, Rainer and Pyro – could lead to the player?s Eevee turning into one of the specific evolutions. Naming it Sparky for example, will turn it into Jolteon. It will be interesting to see if this will be the same method used when a future update with even more Eeveelutions comes to Pokemon GO.

As many already know the trick to force evolve an Eeve, Niantic might change things up for the next Generation of Pokemon. It will be difficult to guess the new nickname to force evolve an Eevee if developer Niantic decides to do this, but we will give it a try anyway.

Eevee’s evolutions could make an appearance in a future update

Espeon is a psychic Pokemon, so its nickname can be referenced in pop culture a lot, like Sabrina. The classic television show based on an Archie comic starring Melissa Joan Hart struck a chord with many fans and would be a solid nickname for Espeon.

Umbreon is a dark-type Pokemon and is one of the harder evolutions to get from the regular games. It is a bit trickier to come up with a nickname for it since dark-type Pokemon usually have unique names already. Something gothic like Raven should work for the Pokemon and is a pretty solid nickname to boot.

Leafeon is one of the more recent evolutions of Eevee and is a welcome one, adding a grass-type to its never-ending evolution chart. Witty fans can call it Kick-Grass if they want too, though it?s not clear how Niantic and Nintendo will take it. It?s still a pretty cool nickname though and something fans can name their Bulbasaur while they wait for more Pokemon.

Pokemon GO currently includes the first generation of Pokemon, but it might add more soon in future updates. The mobile game has been a huge hit since it came out, but it has suffered from a couple of problems recently.


We have listed a couple of names of characters from?the anime show that Niantic might use to force evolve next gen?Eevee evolutions. You can check them out here.

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