Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions Are Breaking The Game?

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There?s a new trick in Pokemon GO which allows you to trigger your preferred Eevee evolution which is normally randomly decided. However, Eevee?s Water evolution, Vaporeon, is generally regarded as a strong pick for competitive play and doesn?t seem to have a counter as of the moment. Are Eevee Evolutions really breaking the game?s balance?

The ?Vaporeon Meta? in the competitive Pokemon GO scene is discussed in 7thNA_WONNERED_1stEU?s thread in the SilphRoad subreddit. According to the thread, Vaporeon defeats most Electric and Grass types despite its supposed weakness against them. ?Additionally, Vaporeon has a good amount of stats, health, and fast attacks which makes it a good pick in both offense and defense.

As seen on SilphRoad?s charts, there are better non-Legendary Pokemon than Vaporeon when it comes to stat balance like Snorlax, Dragonite, and Arcanine. However, Vaporeon trumps most of these guys in terms of damage per second as it is the second most damaging Pokemon, just behind Snorlax, according to natron77?s chart. Combined with good stats and great damage, Vaporeon is ?definitely a reliable pick in competitive Pokemon GO settings.

Additionally, the trick used to force Eevee evolutions assures that Vaporeon will be a common instead of rare find in Gym battles. Due to Vaporeon?s current strength, players may want to have a Vaporeon instead of Eevee?s fire evolution Flareon or electric evolution, Jolteon. Since there?s no rule to stop mass evolving Vaporeon or having the same nickname, this trend may continue until a new Pokemon easily beats Vaporeon or if the water Eevee Evolution gets nerfed in the game.

Despite Vaporeon?s implied supremacy, players note that Snorlax,Exeggutor, and Tangela may be good picks for fighting off players riding the Vaporeon meta. Additionally, a higher CP Vaporeon can be used to defeat a weaker Vaporeon. While Vaporeon is highly reliable, he is not completely broken as he is still regularly defeated by other trainers and their Pokemon.

If you happen to see a Vaporeon guarding a Gym in Pokemon GO, expect a difficult fight. However, your chances are still high if you?ve bred one good Pokemon to its best CP potential and manage to dodge most of Vaporeon?s attacks. If not, it?s best to invest in training one of the best Pokemon in the game or even breed a Vaporeon of your own.

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