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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution: Next Gen To Factor Day and Night Cycle For Evolutions?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO does not follow the evolution system from the other games. However, with new Pokemon to be possibly added in future updates, would Niantic consider using the day and night cycle to trigger some evolutions? This is especially important when it comes to Eeevee since the Pokemon has so many evolutions.

Most fans are aware of Eevee?s first three evolutions – Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon – but when Pokemon Gold and Silver came out, two more evolutions were added. If it evolves in the day, it becomes the psychic-type known as Espeon, and if it evolves at night, it turns into the dark type known as Umbreon.

Considering how the game already implements certain Pokemon appearing at certain periods of the day, it wouldn?t be impossible for Niantic to add the day and night evolution system. It wouldn?t be that difficult to handle either since players merely have to choose when they want their Pokemon to evolve. This isn?t like Gold and Silver where players had to raise their friendship level, which proved to be difficult.

It will definitely take a while before these evolutions arrive in Pokemon GO though. The current game is still problematic, with freezing problems and the lack of tracking. The fact that Niantic also shut down some of the apps that helped players was maddening for some, especially since catching Pokemon is harder than ever.

More evolutions could be added in the future.

Still, it will be interesting to see how Niantic handles future Eevee evolutions in future updates. There aren?t that many nicknames from the anime left that can be used, so it seems like using the day and night cycle would be a smart move on the part of the developers. It wouldn?t be difficult to understand and would be a fun feature.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries and is close to getting a worldwide release. The mobile game is still popular with fans, and this will probably continue in the next few months or years. The title is a free-to-play game that can be played on iOS and Android.

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