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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Name Trick Only Works Once?

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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution

Pokemon GO currently features 145 Pokemon, and there are a few of them that?s unique in several ways among the others. One of the unique Pokemon is Eevee. Its uniqueness roots from how players can force it to evolve into one of its Eeveelutions by renaming it, but it seems that this trick has its limitations in Pokemon GO. Is there only a limited amount of times you can use the Pokemon GO Eevee evolution name trick?

Reddito Redebo recently tried out the renaming trick on Eevee to see if it?s possible to do it multiple times in one account. He renamed his Eevee into Rainier, which should allow the Pokemon to turn it into a Vaporeon, but the player got a Flareon instead. This doesn?t say much, but it?s possible that the renaming trick only works once.

At the comments section, some players argue that the trick works more than once, with some getting Vaporeons from renaming their Eevees as Rainier. Some speculated that although the trick works several times, the player will only get a 100 percent guaranteed specific Pokemon GO Eevee evolution on the first time only. This means the other times the players rename their Eevee, they?d only get a 33 percent chance at getting the Eevee they want. But again, this is just a speculation by some players.

To do the renaming trick, players simply have to change the name of Eevee to one of the Eevee brothers from the anime. They?d get a Flareon for renaming it as Pyro, Jolteon for Sparky, and Flareon for Rainier. Those who?ve watched the anime series might be familiar with this little Easter Egg by Niantic, as during the anime, Ash comes across these similarly named trainers who have a Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon, respectively.

It was recently speculated that the renaming trick is just a hoax, but Niantic recently confirmed during SDCC 2016 that it actually works, and it?s a great callback to the series that the AR mobile game is based on. To be on the safe side, be sure to wisely use the Pokemon GO Eevee evolution trick on the first time. It will probably be best if you use this on your Eevee that has the best IV stats.

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