Pokemon GO: Eevee Evolution Mechanics Confirmed?

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In Pokemon GO, the multi-evolution path of Eevee is confusing due to the different nature of the character?s evolutions. Normally, players could use a Water, Fire, or Thunder Stone to access Eevee?s first generation evolutions, but Pokemon GO?s systems don?t have these items, and players can only rely on luck and chances to get the Eevee-lution variant that they want. Here?s a video from Team Atlas GO that explains the Eevee Evolution Paths in the upcoming mobile game.

According to the video, the Eevee evolutions are random and can?t be controlled once the player chooses to cash in the Evolution Shards on Eevee. Unless Niantic or the beta players find new data, future Pokemon GO players will have to rely on chance to get the Eevee evolutions that they want. However, a Reddit thread has confirmed that these evolutions can be caught in the wild, so it?s not entirely impossible to own your preferred Eeveelution in Pokemon GO.

In the video, Atlas explained that he got this info from a source who refused to be named. Niantic bans beta players who leak gameplay details, so it?s understandable. In light of this, players are advised to take this info with a grain of salt as the game may have an update on the game?s release that solves this Eeveelution problems, or the players may find a way or item to control the evolution.

This evolution issue with Eevee may cause problems in future Pokemon additions that are only accessible through branching evolution paths such as Bellossom, Politoed, Gallade, and Slowking. Perhaps Niantic may add new systems to accommodate these branching evolution Pokemon in the future. Players won?t be able to enjoy Pokemon GO if it relies too much on chance percentages and random encounters as it?ll punish their dedicated fans in the long run.


The game has now been released in select countries and players have confirmed that Eeve’s evolutions are random.


Players believe that Eeve’s evolutions are not entirely random. They have now have now started an experiment as they believe that several factors may affect Eeve’s evolution.

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