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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution: Eeveelution Facts You Need To Know

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Pokemon GO is getting bigger as the days go on. The hit mobile title has been getting more releases in various countries, ensuring that the game will be available worldwide by the end of the year. One thing that continues to be a complete mystery to fans around the globe is the Pokemon GO Eevee evolution system. Here?s what we know so far.

As most fans know, the evolutions of Eevee ? or Eeveelutions ? are random in the mobile game. However, there is a neat trick that can be done to get one of the Pokemon?s three evolved forms. Fans who want the thunder-type Jolteon have to name their Eevee Sparky. Those who want the water-type Vaporeon, a Pokemon that had to be nerfed in the game, must name their Eevee Rainer. Finally, those who want the fire-type Flareon must name the Eevee Pyro, like the X-Men villain.

The names come from the Eevee brothers in the Pokemon anime, who only appeared in one or two episodes. It’s a neat easter egg, and the developers in Niantic stated that there are more that can be found, but this is the only one that affects the Pokemon GO Eevee evolution. It seems like the aforementioned name trick can only be used once, so fans should pick their favorite Eeveelution form.

One reason the name trick only works once is due to Vaporeon being overpowered. When the trick was revealed, fans would only turn their Eevee into Vaporeon so that they could easily maintain their Gyms. Since then, the most recent update has made Vaporeon more well-balanced while also fixing the name trick so it only works once. The other Eeveelutions will be random.

With fans hoping to see next-gen Pokemon in future updates, there have been fan theories that we will see Eevee’s other evolutions controlled by the game’s real-time day and night cycle. The Johto region introduced two more Eeveelutions in Espeon and Umbreon, with the former evolving in the day and the latter evolving at night.

Pokemon GO is available now in most countries. This is what fans have been waiting for and it seems to have paid off, as the game has become even bigger than it already was. Here?s hoping fans get the Pokemon GO Eevee evolution they want.

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