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Pokemon GO Easter Event Start Time And When To Expect

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pokemon go easter event
Is an Easter event happening? [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

Fans have been waiting for a Pokemon GO Easter event for some time, but nothing has been announced yet. The mobile game has had a number of holiday-themed events and the Easter one could be the latest one to get fans looking for Pokemon. It looks like Niantic will be planning some sort of event for the game, though no one knows when it will be.

Niantic planning an Easter event isn’t exactly bit mind-boggling, since it would be a decent excuse to give players additional eggs. The game has baby Pokemon that can only be obtained by hatching eggs, so it seems like a missed opportunity. Here’s hoping that the company’s next event is an interesting one, whatever it ends up being.

Eggcelent News?

Some fans on Reddit have pondered on if a Pokemon GO Easter event will be happening since it seems like a solid holiday for an event. However, as most have pointed out, the event will likely be announced a few days before the actual holiday, like August 14 or 15. The event will likely run for a week, just like the previous holiday events before it.

Niantic usually announces their events two to three days before the event goes live. Sometimes, they announce the event on the same day it starts. Below is Niantic’s announce date and start day for reference:

  • Water Festival event was announced on March 22 and was also held on this day.
  • Pokemon Day was announced on February 24. The event started on the 26th.
  • Valentine’s event was announced on February 8 and it was also held this day.
  • The holiday event was announced on December 23 and it started on the 25th.
  • Halloween event was announced on October 24 and it started on the 26th.

Based on the previous Pokemon GO events, its likely the event will start as early as Friday and will last until the following week. Whether Niantic pushes through with the event is still unknown to many, even for dataminers, as The Silph Road said Niantic has been adding event-related files after the announcement has been made.

Update: Leakers of the Pokemon GO Water Festival event have confirmed that the Easter Event will start tomorrow, April 13. The event’s start time was not mentioned.

Meanwhile, fans on Reddit have suggested bringing in Smeargle for the event, since he’s a Pokemon that likes to paint. Easter sometimes has egg painting, so it would be a fun way to introduce the Gen 2 Pokemon, who still haven’t appeared for some reason. Only 80 of the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon have been introduced, so it seems like Niantic has plans for them in the future.

What’s Next?

While fans might be disappointed at the lack of news for the Pokemon GO Easter event, there are other things they can do while waiting. A nest migration recently happened, so players can check out older areas and see if there are any new Pokemon to find. They can travel with friends and try to find new Pokemon to catch, but that’s about it.

The gym battles in Pokemon GO will supposedly receive an overhaul, though no one knows when we’ll be seeing that. It’s something plenty of fans have been looking forward to seeing but have yet to hear any news of, which is disappointing to hear.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game is free, but there are certain things that can be bought with real money.

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