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Pokemon GO Easter Event Confirmed By Insider, Includes Double XP Event And Rare Egg Hatches

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pokemon go easter event
Is an Easter event happening? [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

After tons of speculation from the Pokemon GO community, it seems like fans are finally getting some solid details on the next event for Pokemon GO. New details have surfaced about the Easter Event for Pokemon GO and it’s coming from the same guys that got the Water Festival leak spot-on. Here are the details on the Pokemon GO Easter Event that’s set to launch soon.

Redditor HiddenLeaker is reporting that the anticipated Pokemon GO Easter Event is set to begin sometime today. According to the leaker, the Easter Event will have the same mechanics as the Water Festival wherein players are treated to double the amount of XP in the game, so it’s a good time to level up when the event arrives.

Moreover, Team Eeveelution has more details on the Pokemon GO Easter Event. There will be something in store for egg hatches in the upcoming event and it will affect all egg distances so 2KM, 5KM and 10KM eggs are affected by the upcoming event. Basically, it looks like players will be able to hatch rare Pokemon from eggs, but Niantic could turn things around this time around.

While it’s easy to shoot down the new leaks, it’s worth noting that these guys got every detail on the Water Festival event including the ones pertaining to how a Shiny Magikarp could evolve to a Shiny Gyarados. There’s a big chance that they’re getting the leak correctly again so players should brace themselves for what’s to come in the game.

Players from the Pokemon GO community are all riled up and they’re beginning to speculate as to what the new mechanic will be for the egg hatching bonus. Some are wishing for the gen 2 starters to finally appear during egg hatches while others are just waiting for a chance to get rare Pokemon from egg hatching. Whatever the case, we’ll probably have to wait a few more hours before Niantic finally unveils the mechanics for the game.

If the leaks are indeed true, the players should probably hatch all eggs in their inventory before the event arrives. If their inventories are full, then it’ll be hard to get more eggs. It would be best to come in at the event with an empty egg inventory to maximize the rare hatches. Since no specific time has been set for the Pokemon GO Easter Event yet, it would be wise to hatch remaining eggs as soon as possible.

It’s also possible that Niantic could offer a better chance at getting new Shiny Pokemon. During the Water Festival event, players had better chances of getting a Shiny Magikarp. This also meant that they can easily get a Shiny Gyarados. If players are lucky enough, then they should get a chance at some new Shinies.

When it comes to what Pokemon would get the Shiny treatment, there are already a few Pokemon in mind. Egg-type Pokemon like Togepi is a fitting creature to be made special in the event. Exeggcute is another egg-type Pokemon that players should get a Shiny variant of. Another Pokemon that could be given the Water Festival event treatment is Jigglypuff and her rabbit-type evolution Wigglypuff.

Players all know that Niantic was readying an event for this Easter in Pokemon GO as with past major holidays, the developer introduced events that gave players a hand at some amazing bonuses. The community is probably excited to what Niantic has in store for the upcoming event but whatever it is, players should take the opportunity for a few amazing rewards.

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