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Pokemon GO Easter Eggs: All Confirmed Secrets So Far

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Pokemon GO Easter Eggs

Due to the discovery of the Eevee evolution Easter Egg in Pokemon GO, more players are investigating the game?s secret features. The game?s community could potentially uncover a nifty system or trick that?ll help them in the game as Niantic confirmed that there are more Pokemon GO Easter Eggs. Here?s what the community has found out so far.

According to the Pokemon GO Easter Eggs and Theories thread on the SilphRoad subreddit, some easter eggs have been confirmed to be working in the game right now. Most of them are actually functional and help players specifically progress in the game as opposed to being just cosmetic finds. Meanwhile, how the other Easter Eggs in the game work are yet to be discovered by fans.

Aside from the Eevee Evolution Easter Egg, other helpful Easter Eggs give you actual yields in the game. The Pikachu Starter Easter Egg happens when the game spawns you a Pikachu if you keep ignoring the usual Generation 1 starters like Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur at the beginning of the game. Additionally, Pikachu doesn?t use a ?Pokemon Cry? to assert its presence to players and goes with the usual ?Pikachu,? sound similar to its appearances on the anime series and movies.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO can also get cheeky with references and homages as fans confirm a Hitmonlee nest in Green Lake, Seattle. Late martial arts icon Bruce Lee is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle, so it might be Niantic?s way of paying homage to him.

Meanwhile, the thread also discusses Pokemon GO Easter Eggs that might be linked to Ditto. Currently, Ditto has yet to be see in the game, and fans speculate that it might be disguising itself as a different Pokemon. Players have collected data from Ditto?s appearances in the Pokemon games and animated series. It?s possible that Ditto could be triggered to appear through an Easter Egg discovery. If Niantic keeps using this Easter Egg approach in the game, any Pokemon and general knowledge will be useful in uncovering the game?s secret systems and Easter Eggs.

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