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Pokemon GO Easter Egg: Move Over Pikachu, Eevee Can Mount Too!

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Pikachu is not the only Pokemon with the shoulder mount easter egg anymore in Pokemon GO; Evee can do it too! While everyone is still rambling on about Pikachu?s shoulder mounting easter egg in the Pokemon GO buddy system, proof has emerged that Eevee is capable of the same feat too.

Eevee Easter Egg

It?s been speculated before that other Pokemon would be able to ride your shoulder in Pokemon GO with the new buddy system, but there has never been any proof till today. YouTubers Verox discovered that Pikachu isn?t the only Pokemon that could ride your shoulder. He managed to get his Eevee on his avatar?s shoulder too!

What?s even more surprising is that Verox didn?t even walk 10 kilometers.The current belief is that a player needs to walk 10 kilometers to get Pikachu to mount their avatar?s shoulder.

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According to the YouTuber, his Eevee didn?t need 10 kilometers. It just mounted his avatar?s shoulder straight away.

We?re a little skeptical that he didn?t do anything to trigger the easter egg. Chances are he?s not sure how it happened. But in terms of authenticity, it seems real. His Eevee really is mounted on his avatar.

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Who Else is There?

Let?s not stop with Eevee though. Do the other Pokemon have the shoulder mounting Easter Egg too? Well, the internet says yes!

Various YouTubers are claiming in the comments section that other Pokemon can indeed mount their trainers as well. We?ve combed the internet and reports claim that Pidgey, Weedle, and Spearow can mount the player?s shoulder in Pokemon GO too.

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Whether these claims prove to be real or not, it?s only a matter of time before breaking news like Verox?s video surfaces again. If you want to stay up to date with all the earth-shattering news on Pokemon GO, stay tuned with us! We?ll be the first to let you know how to get Snorlax on your shoulder!

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