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Pokemon GO Dratini Rare Nest Missing? Here’s Why

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Dratini is one of the rarest Pokemon currently available in Pokemon GO. Finding a steady source of the little blue dragon is crucial if you want to power up its final evolved from: Dragonite. When the game first launched, seeking out Pokemon nests ? small, specific locations that spawn a specific type of monster ? was the best way to get your hands on Dratini. However, recent findings have shown that Dratini may no longer spawn at these spots.

Dratini Nests Have Disappeared From Pokemon GO

Information gathered by trainers on the Silph Road subreddit indicates that Niantic may have disabled Dratini nests. To keep Pokemon GO players from camping out at nests, Niantic usually?reshuffles the Pokemon spawns after a set amount of time. For example, a nest with an abundance of Eevees one day may have a totally different Pokemon if you come back a few weeks later. Since the most recent ?reshuffle,? players have noticed that Dratini no longer seems to be appearing at these spots.

This thread from a Japanese player detailed his observations on nest spawns around Tokyo. He said that Dratini no longer spawn at the common ?nest areas? around the city but have started spawning more frequently in locations with water. Others have reinforced his claim, saying that similar nests in their locations no longer have Dratini as well.

?It seems the majority of the shared experiences in the comments section point out to one common finding that Dratini nests have been removed altogether and were replaced with a system in which Dratinis/Dragonairs rotate spawn in locations with the water biome consisting of Magikarp, Slowpoke and Psyducks,? wrote user burdagool21.

Other trainers on the thread have tried to pinpoint when exactly Dratini spawns, but nothing conclusive has materialized. What have your recent Dratini hunting experiences been like? Let us know in the comments below.

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