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Pokemon GO DPS: New Moveset Changes In Latest Android And iOS Update

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Pokemon GO continues to change. While the game isn’t perfect, the constant changes and bi-weekly updates ensure that the mobile game will live on for a long time, especially when newer Pokemon get introduced. This time it seems like changes have been made to the movesets of various Pokemon, with seven Pokemon that might have been improved for gym battles.

According to a beautiful infographic from the Silph Road Reddit thread, 19 Pokemon have been affected by these changes. They are: Jigglypuff, Diglett, Dugtrio, Graveller, Golem, Grimer, Muk, Gengar, Hitmonlee, Chansey, Hitmonlee, Seel, Porygon, Gyrados, Staryu, Starmie, Mew (who is not available yet), Koffing, Weezing and Omastar.

Of the 19 Pokemon affected, seven have been improved, while four have been nerfed a bit. The rest have not really been affected, so they should function the same during fights. The seven Pokemon changed for the better are: Diglett, Dugtrio, Graveller, Golem, Grimer, Gengar and Chansey. The four that have been decreased are: Muk, Seel, Koffing and Weezing.

The thread states that a total of 1.97 DPS changes have been made for the creatures in Pokemon GO. Obviously, these aren’t big changes, but the fact that it improved the movesets for seven different Pokemon is worth mentioning. It will be interesting to see which Pokemon get improved movesets in the near future.

While none of the Pokemon are particularly broken, there was a time when Vaporeon was considered an overpowered creature in the game. The Eevee evolution was dominant in Pokemon Gym battles until a nerf was released in an update, keeping the Pokemon formidable, but also making it beatable for players. It seems like Niantic wants to make sure that there won’t be any overpowered Pokemon in future updates, and this is a decent start.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android devices as a free download. There is an in-game shop for those that might need extra help or items, such as Lures, Incense and Lucky Eggs. The game has been a worldwide phenomenon and should be available to all countries soon.

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