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Pokemon GO: Don’t Bother Riding Vehicles For Egg Hatching

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Pokemon GO

While Pokemon GO only has monsters from Red and Blue, it did add one important mechanic from the newer games: Pokemon eggs. Though they don’t require breeding, players have to walk around with these eggs for a certain distance before they hatch into Pokemon and give players extra Stardust and Candy for leveling up. Those hoping to cheat the system by getting into a moving vehicle better drop those plans.

Some fans have stated that they were able to hatch their Pokemon Eggs while they were inside a vehicle, but they would have to drive very slowly if they wanted the incubators to pick up their movement, so it?s not a friendly experience on the road. Whenever there?s a traffic jam though or the train you boarded on moves sluggishly, the incubator will likely pick up the movement. ?

It’s an understandable move, since Pokemon GO is about moving to various locations and looking for different Pokemon. While it would have been nice to use a car to move around during a rainy day, it would not capture the proper feeling of being a trainer in the world of Pokemon.

Achieving a certain distance while around with the Pokemon egg determines what type of creature the player will get. It’s usually random, but they are usually more powerful than the wild Pokemon that can be caught, and they give players more Stardust for experience and Candy for leveling up.

Evolution is tough in Pokemon GO.

There are also more benefits to having a Pokemon raised from an egg than a creature from the wild. Aside from the aforementioned items that come with raising an egg, they also tend to have better CP, which determines how much damage they do and the amount of health they have. That’s not to say wild Pokemon are useless, but it is wise to invest in eggs for gym battles and making parties for gyms the player takes over.

Pokemon GO is now available in US, Australia, and New Zealand. The mobile title is available on both Android and iOS devices, so nobody gets left behind. If Niantic can address all the server issues fast, players can expect a worldwide release by the end of the month.

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