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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Dodge Blizzard And Earthquake Attack

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Defense is as important as offense in Pokemon GO. It?s very important that a Pokemon can deal high amounts of damage to its opponent, but this would be useless if the Pokemon can?t dodge properly. Dodging can be done simply with a flick of a finger, but there?s more to it than that. Both Blizzard and Earthquake are unique moves that are currently giving players a tough time as they are seemingly impossible to dodge, but a player managed to disprove the theory.

Redditor just_blue recently shared a footage of a Blastoise dodging a Blizzard attack from a Lapras. Afterward, the same Blastoise took a Blizzard attack head on to see the damage difference. The successful dodge negated almost 80 percent of the Blizzard?s damage.

To dodge the Blizzard?s full damage, Pokemon GO players have to wait for a yellow flash, as with other attacks. The difference with Blizzard though is that the flash is quick and happens immediately after the defending Pokemon is encased in the ice by the Blizzard. It will still take damage from being encased in ice, but the rest of the damage will then be negated.

As for Earthquake, players have yet to find out how to dodge it exactly, but seeing as Blizzard can be dodged, it?s only a matter of time before someone figures it out. It?s possible that the dodge can be initiated at a specific time just like Blizzard.

The footage disproves the fact that some of the attacks in Pokemon GO can?t be dodged and the theory on the damage window as detailed before.

Redditor hiimmas has his own take on the dodge window theory saying that it starts not after the moment of dodging but right after the yellow flash appears. The recent discoveries only strengthen this theory, but it?s still subject to further study and experimentation.

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