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Pokemon GO: Ditto Theories Worth Testing Out

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Upon the release of Pokemon GO, many players instantly believed that they had the chance to capture all generation 1 Pokemon easily. However, there are several factors affecting this feat; region-locked Pokemon, the unreleased Legendaries, and the ever unique Ditto. We?ve yet to see how Ditto will work out, but some fan theories are pretty plausible and could very well be the solution to getting this rare Pokemon.

There?s a lot of things that make Ditto a unique Pokemon in Pokemon GO; he might have a different mechanic from others, and he?s the only unreleased Pokemon that isn?t a Legendary. Because of this, some players speculate that Ditto is actually now obtainable, but not after some pretty specific actions.

Redditor validproof recently shared what he believes are possible ways to acquire a Ditto, some of which he already tried out. Some of his notable theories include:

  • ????????Using the camera when encountering a Bulbasaur in an attempt to take a picture of it. This is taken from Pokemon Snap wherein Ditto is disguised as a Bulbasaur.
  • ????????Renaming a Pikachu to Pikacha or Pikachan because in Ditto?s first appearance in the anime, it was disguised as a Pikachu.
  • ????????Renaming several other Pokemon to a specific name because Ditto was seen disguising itself as them during the anime and other Pokemon-related media.

There are other theories that have been tested but to no avail, and players are now currently on the hunt to discover any possible way to unlock a Ditto.

There?s a lot of mystery surrounding Ditto now, and there may be more questions when Ditto is finally unveiled in Pokemon GO. For starters, Ditto may play differently to other Pokemon due to its shapeshifting powers, but we can?t say for sure until Niantic speaks up. But since the developer is holding back on the Pokemon for now, it?s almost assured that there?s something special about it.

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