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Pokemon GO Ditto: Rare Pokemon Gone After Thanksgiving Event?

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Pokemon GO Ditto

Is the opportunity to catch Ditto over? Did the Thanksgiving event take away Ditto from Pokemon GO? Many Pokemon GO Ditto fans are asking these questions when it was rumored that the mobile game no longer features Ditto. But the fact is that Niantic has never said that Ditto is an event-exclusive Pokemon. Players are still catching it even after the Thanksgiving event.

Still A Rare Pokemon

The most interesting thing is that players who have caught the Pokemon after the event say that no changes have been observed in CP as well. A player on Reddit?says that the event-specific perks such as double XP and Stardust no longer exist, but Ditto didn?t go along with them. The player says that he caught a Pidgey and it?transformed?into a Ditto.

After the Thanksgiving event, some players were confused whether they should go catch more common Pokemon such as Pidgey and Rattata or not, because they are usually the forms?Ditto uses to disguise itself.?Fans were also worried about others placing Ditto in gyms because not everyone was able to catch a single Ditto. Now that it is clear that the cute purple creature is not going anywhere, the craze for Pokemon GO Ditto will continue.

Many players have caught hundreds of Pokemon in hopes for Ditto. While some of them successfully got the Pokemon, others are still waiting. The news is undoubtedly a relief to anyone who hasn’t had luck in finding one. Those who are sitting with hundreds of Rattatas and Pidgeys can simply keep them instead.

Many Pokemon GO Ditto fans on Reddit have confirmed that they have caught the Pokemon after the event. It can also be said that Niantic has not made any changes in the Pokemon spawn because majority of players who reported catching Ditto confirm that it is still available in the form of Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat and Magikarp.

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