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Pokemon GO Ditto: Too Costly For Niantic To Include?

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Pokemon GO

Ditto in Pokemon GO is one of the highly anticipated Pokemon fans are waiting for. Known as one of the rarest Pokemon, the cute, purple creature is currently not available in the mobile game. Niantic has not shared any details on when Ditto will be made available in the game.

According to a programmer, including Ditto in the game would be costly for the developer.

Including Ditto will be very challenging for the devs as it is undoubtedly unique due to its ability to transform its cells to have different shapes, a user said on The Silphroad subreddit. The creature can in fact transform itself into a different Pokemon.

As per its nature, Ditto adopts the structure of different Pokemon when it is put into battle. According to the programmer, introducing such Pokemon in the game would be complex. There will be questions such as, ?Assuming he looks and behaves identically to the other Pokemon, does he copy their moves as well, or randomize them? Does he also automatically re-transform when a Pokemon is switched??

Niantic might also need to have a unique look for all the available Pokemon so far in the game if they were to include Ditto. ?In the anime, the appearance of some Ditto when transforming was not perfect; one had trouble transforming its face, another its size,? the programmer said. ?If these little touches are desired by the programmers (or Nintendo’s influence), it may require custom textures, 3D models, or lots of special rendering logic.?

Creating and bringing Ditto in action would require more efforts from the programmers. Including this Pokemon will certainly have a major impact on the game, and determining its ability, design and structure in Pokemon GO would need a lot of work. Niantic will need to work on custom textures and will need to put many rendering logics so that the creature works efficiently in the game.

Redesigning a programming architecture is always complex than starting from scratch. The developers at Niantic are already dealing with multiple issues in the game, from the three step bug to higher battery and data consumption and several other problems. The servers have also not been working well since the game?s launch. Implementing the new changes would be costly in terms of effort and time.

It would be interesting to see when and how Niantic introduces Ditto in Pokemon GO. The company has not confirmed its arrival in the game, but players do hope to catch this creature soon.

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