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Pokemon GO Ditto Caught! Transforms From Normal Pokemon

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Niantic took their time, but they may have finally released Pokemon GO Ditto. Ever since the mobile title was released, fans have been wondering how they could get the transforming Pokemon. Many believed that it would be unveiled in an event, along with other legendaries like Mew and Mewtwo.

If recent reports from the Finding Ditto Reddit can be believed, it seems like the Pokemon can finally be caught. While it could be a hoax, there are numerous claims and it’s worth noting that the various pics of Ditto have different CP. Here is hoping that it’s true, since the mobile game has lost plenty of momentum since its release.

A Wild Ra-Ditto?!

According to various threads, it seems like players will have to take a chance if they want Pokemon GO Ditto. The normal-type creature will disguise itself as something else, like a Pidgey or a Rattata. Once caught, the Pokemon will turn into Ditto, making things more interesting.

This is a pretty creative way to bring this Pokemon into the game. Titles from the Gameboy and 3DS series usually have the bubblegum lookalike out and about in its normal form. Here, players will have to hope that the useless Zubat they’re catching is the shape-shifting cutie.

What?s worth noting is that the Ditto players have captured didn?t transform from a rare Pokemon. So don?t expect to see a wild Dragonite turn into the purple Pokemon.

Thanksgiving Surprise?

With a thanksgiving event planned, it’s still surprising to see Pokemon GO Ditto become available. Fans expected some sort of announcement to be made, since that’s the nature of mobile game updates. That being said, this is a wonderful surprise and something fans will adore.

One has to wonder if Niantic will do the same thing with the other legendaries though. While Ditto was a nice surprise, Pokemon like Mewtwo or Mew should get an announcement. The same logic applies to the three legendary birds Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno.

Will the Pokemon GO Ditto be a start of new incoming creatures? A previous report stated that the monsters from Gold and Silver would be added soon. Given the ridiculous popularity of Pokemon Sun and Moon, this would be a solid way to build off the momentum from the 3DS games. For now, fans should enjoy catching the pink flubber-like Pokemon.

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