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Pokemon GO Ditto: Can Be Tracked By Poke Radar, PokeSensor And Other Trackers?

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Pokemon GO Ditto

Using third-party trackers to find Pokemon GO Ditto?is an interesting idea, but the problem with the Pokemon is it does not appear in its original form. The players who have reported catching Ditto claim that they found the purple creature in the form of Rattata, Pidgey and other Pokemon. As far as the trackers are concerned, none are able to distinguish Ditto among all the spawned Pokemon.

Perfectly Disguised

Many players have already caught Ditto. The highly anticipated Pokemon?s arrival has been confirmed from various sources. The only problem is there?s no way for Pokemon GO Ditto tracking. Ditto takes the appearance of other Pokemon, and the disguised form of Ditto also appears on third-party trackers. So even if you look at the catch screen or the map or even the trackers, you won?t be able to recognize it.

Same IV

The name of the Pokemon will be the same as the copied Pokemon and it will in fact showcase the same animations as well. While third-party trackers can track IV, players have also reported that Ditto’s IV doesn’t change after it changes to its original form.

Some players who have caught Ditto say (via Reddit) that even if you?re using any third party tracker, you cannot identify Ditto. You’ll only know if you’ve engaged a Ditto after you’ve captured it. What’s interesting though is that if someone managed to capture Ditto, you can also get the Pokemon in the same spot.?

As Nintendo has not shared anything related to the arrival of this Pokemon, players have a lot of questions. Speculations are filling social media platforms, and some cool facts have been revealed about Pokemon GO Ditto. According to players, some of the details have been confirmed about the purple Pokemon.

  • It can disguise as any other normal Pokemon (Mostly Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat, Magikarp)
  • There?s no limit for the number of Dittos you catch
  • Ditto is not appearing in its original form in third party scanners
  • Incense can be used to catch Ditto
  • When transforming into other Pokemon, Ditto maintains the same level

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