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Pokemon GO: Disneyland Is The Happiest Place On Earth To Play Niantic’s Game?

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Disney parks are reportedly some of the best places to play Pokemon GO. The ultimate goal of every player is to catch ?em all, and Disney parks are the perfect locations full of lure modules, gyms and PokeStops. Catching Pokemon has become more challenging than ever because players have to travel to new locations, as Niantic has designed the game to have several famous places and landmarks as PokeStops and gyms.

The happiest place on earth already has a lot to offer. However, Niantic has added another gem to Disney?s crown by releasing Pokemon GO. Niantic?s new mobile game has suddenly become extremely popular, and people are flocking to the theme parks, as Disneyland features a high density of gyms and PokeStops. The Disney parks also have a seemingly endless supply of cute Pokemon characters spawning throughout.

A fan on Reddit shared an image suggesting what?s in store for players in Disney parks. People are visiting these theme parks just to catch Pokemon. It wouldn?t be a surprise if the theme parks become a little busier due to the Pokemon GO craze as the Disney theme parks have many gyms to train and power up your Pokemon. According to MousePlanet, ?both Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle are gyms.? Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror and Spaceship Earth also feature a lot of Pokemon.

The Disney theme parks have different locations which feature distinctive environment such as water, desert and graveyards, and these places are said to be full of different types of Pokemon. Various theme parks are now aware of the Pokemon GO craze, and some have started asking players to follow rules. In fact, the theme park Six Flags has released a guide asking fans not to collect Pokemon on rides and to keep the AR mode disabled while exploring the theme parks. Many Pokemon GO disasters have already been reported in the past, so it better to follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

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