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Pokemon GO Disasters: Worst Things That Happened Since The Game Launched

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Pokemon Go

While many had a fun experience playing Pokemon GO since it released this month, it has also brought trouble for others. The game encourages players to visit different locations, and some have broken laws to catch Pokemon. Authorities and civilians are warning players that the game cannot be used as an excuse to break the laws. From trespassing to robbery, water bombing to property damage, there are a lot of worst things that happened since the game launched.

Pokemon GO hasn?t seen a global release yet, but it has brought a lot of trouble in the countries where the game is officially available. The game has caused problems to both players and non-players. In search of Pokemon, players are doing things that are obviously unacceptable to authorities and the public. In fact, armed robbers used the game and anticipated the victims? location, a press release from O?Fallon Police Department reads.

In Sydney, everyone was excited about the game until a massive crowd of players flocked to a park in a suburb of Rhodes. Apparently, the area has many PokeStops and Pokemon. Everything was fine until the residents called the police and water bombed the players. The residents were frustrated due to the noise created by thousands of players who came over to the park, and it created a lot of trouble for both sides, reports Kotaku.

Meanwhile, in the US, authorities have already warned Pokemon GO players not to trespass. It is worth mentioning that the Pentagon and The White House are Pokemon Gyms in the game, which tempted many to break inside the place.

Another weird incident happened when someone on the streets scratched a Pokemon GO team name on a car, as shared by a Reddit user who was victimized. Obviously, the disaster will cost the man several dollars for a paint job.

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