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Pokemon GO December Update: What To Expect Next Month From Niantic

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It’s almost December, so mobile fans have the Pokemon GO December update to look forward to. While the game is still popular, it has to do something different soon, since Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming out this week. Basically, Niantic needs to capitalize on the momentum that the two 3DS games will bring.

Since the title has started adding events, one obvious addition would be a Christmas-themed one. The Halloween one proved to be a big hit, as the increased candy count and Ghost Pokemon spawns pleased many fans. Niantic has also decreased the amount of Pidgey and Rattata that appear, which received a universal applause. More moves like this are needed.

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Admittedly, a Christmas theme for the Pokemon GO December update might be hard. While there is a Christmas-themed Pokemon, it’s not part of the first Pokemon Generation. Of course, the developers could just increase the count for Pikachu, which means some players can finally get the Raichu that they always wanted.

Until we see any news from the developers, fans will have to wait for a bigger announcement. Then again, with 100 Pokemon from Gold and Silver supposedly coming soon, they could start teasing that. Or they could finally add Ditto, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mew and Mewtwo into the game. That would be enough for most fans of the mobile game.

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It would be wise for Niantic to do something groundbreaking for the Pokemon GO December update. At the least, some sort of Christmas-themed event would please existing fans and might even lure back some new ones. Some free items for players that have consistently logged in and played would be a fun start. Adding the missing Pokemon or bringing in the 100 new ones would be even better.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. Fans can also pick up Pokemon GO Plus, which allows players to capture?Pokemon while not using their phones. 3DS fans have Pokemon Sun and Moon to look forward to later this week, which is basically an advanced Christmas gift for fans of the series. ?

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