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Pokemon GO Update Datamine Has No Easter Event Hints; Redeem Function Uncovered

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Recently, fans are discussing the new Pokemon GO update v0.61.0 which happens to have a few hidden additions as its announced changelog was accurate. The new update holds no hints of an upcoming Easter event. However, the update will give way to a redeem feature that’ll possibly allow players to claim special prizes through specific codes.

Pokemon GO Update v0.61.0

TheSilphRoad subreddit moderator dronpes’ thread discussed new additions in Pokemon GO update v0.61.0. Apparently, the new patch has now added a code for “Redeem” to stand alongside the previously data mined “Passcode” file. Other mined content include the PokeStop awards backend changes, Scrollbar improvement, and a performance upgrade.

No Easter Event

Considering no Easter event hint was found, Niantic may have no Pokemon GO event prepared this month. However, Niantic has proven in the past that they’re able to throw surprise events for its fans. The Pokemon GO dataminers will know if there’s a surprise event if the “GAME_Master” file in the game’s metadata suddenly shows some changes. The SilphRoad also states that Niantic usually announces its events before updating the GAME_Master file.

Redeem Function

The SilphRoad subreddit thread mentions that the “Redeem” feature is confirmed in this update, but it still has no graphic assets. The Pokemon GO passcode file was apparently tweaked in the new update to accommodate a “redeem” feature.  However, this feature seems to still be incomplete and was just been prepared for its future implementation.

Other Updates

SilphRoad’s dronpes points out two more updates, namely the Pokemon award bubble backend changes and Scrollbar changes. The Pokemon GO scrollbar is getting an upgrade in this update. Meanwhile, the PokeStop award bubble backend changes may have only been for bug fixes.

Pokemon GO so far

As of now, the Pokemon GO has extended its creature rosters to its second Generation region, Johto. The next major update could be the third generation Hoenn region or reworks to its current systems. For now, the current Pokemon GO update v0.61.0 doesn’t show any hints of an event or major content update raring to go.

However, the Redeem function does tease use of unique redeemable Pokemon GO codes for its players. Potentially, Niantic may start pushing out specific Pokemon GO events that won’t be available server-wide and encourage players to attend certain events for the code. Stay updated on more Pokemon GO news here on The BitBag.

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