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Pokemon GO Datamine: New Details Found In V. 0.59.1 APK

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A Cool Look A Pikachu In Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Artwork [Image Courtesy Of Pokemon GO Twitter]

Thanks to a few players, we finally have a closer look at what’s up ahead for Niantic’s Pokemon GO. A new datamine featuring the most recent APK version has revealed everything that Niantic is readying for the game. Here are the important details from the recent Pokemon GO datamine from the APK of v0.59.1.

Sky Changes

Some of the discoveries in the recent APK are already available now, although they were not listed down. The Silph Road’s dataminers have revealed that there are a few changes made to the sky. Most notably, the day and night skies have been redesigned.

It adds that there are no evidences pointing to a moving sun in-game, but the most notable change for now is with regards to a brighter and a more high-res night sky. The changes in the sky don’t affect gameplay in anyway as these are more of a visual change.

Redeemable Passcodes

Another discovery in the recent Pokemon GO datamine are redeemable passcodes. The dataminers are yet to uncover exactly what these passcodes do, but The Silph Road has a few theories. The current theory is that the passcodes will function as sort of a coupon for players to use in redeeming items in-game.

Pokestop Cooldowns

An unclear discovery includes a new state of PokeStops. The Pokemon GO datamine reveals that there are changes being made that would put PokeStops in either an inactive or closed state. However, very little is know about this new feature.

Nickname Blackouts

Niantic is also apparently looking for a way to easily handle banned nicknames in the game. With the increase of player interaction in Pokemon GO, Niantic could be looking for a way to sort out reports regarding inappropriate nicknames in the game.

Throw Mechanics

Something called “grade” was added to the throw mechanics in the game. However, we’ve yet to know what this “grade” actually does.

Pokedex Buttons

For those who are keen on completing their Pokedex, they should be happy to know that new toggles or buttons will appear at the Pokedex. There will be gender buttons in the game as well as a seen and captured state. An even better addition is a new Shiny button for the Pokedex. Shiny variants are finally in the game and it’s good that Niantic is finally taking steps towards these rare variants.

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