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Pokemon GO Data Usage Tips: Use Google Maps To Lessen Consumption On iOS & Android

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Pokemon Go

Data consumption has become a big problem for Pokemon GO players. The high data usage is hurting players? wallet as players need to be connected online at all times in order to play. To reduce the data consumption, a player has found a simple trick where players can save some data while playing the AR game. The mobile game relies on Google Maps to read the player’s? location data. One can easily use the offline method to cut down data consumption.

Almost everyone is familiar with Google Maps. If you closely look at the app?s options, you?ll find that it allows you to download the maps for offline use. If a player downloads the offline maps, he/she can use them in Pokemon GO. According to a Reddit user, players can lower the data consumption up to 35 percent using this method. According to the user, less consumption of data will in turn result in less battery consumption.

The method is really very simple and players can easily try it. To download the maps offline, players will need to download Google Maps on their device. In the Google Maps app, players will need to go to the Settings option, where they can choose Offline Maps. After hitting the Plus sign, they will be able to download the map by choosing their location. The maps in the game utilize this feature, and whenever the player opens the game, the title will no longer download it. It means that the game will use the offline map which will ultimately reduce data consumption.

iOS and Android users are facing many problems with the game, but by using simple tricks, one can easily save battery and mobile data. Niantic has also shared a guide through which players can easily fix the known issues in Pokemon GO.

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