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Pokemon GO: Daily Login Rewards Coming?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been a certified hit, even if it hasn’t been given a worldwide release yet. Easily the most downloaded app in recent memory, it seems like the sky’s the limit for this mobile game. Still, it’s far from perfect and fans have been suggesting ways to make the title better, one of which is to add daily login bonuses.

Suggested by a Reddit user that wants more out of the game, daily login bonuses have been a mainstay with plenty of mobile games. Depending on the game, players that login every day get a reward, like in-game currency or items. Those that login daily for a whole week usually get a very special in-game item as their reward.

This would be a really useful feature in Pokemon GO, since some items can be really hard to come across, thanks to Poke Stops becoming a major part of the game. Login rewards could be items like Pokeballs and Stardust to name a few, while an Incense item can be given as the final reward for logging in to the game for the 7th day of the week.

Fans have also suggested Revivals as part of the login rewards, since they are also hard to come by in the game. Considering how difficult some of the gym battles can be, this would be a nice reward for players who log in daily.

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Whether actual Pokemon or Pokemon Eggs should be rewards is up for debate. On one hand, having a rare Pokemon be a reward for logging in to the game for a week or a month would be gratifying to say the least. On the other hand, it sort of ruins the whole ?gotta catch em all? theme of the mobile game, which is vital to the mobile title’s identity.

Should Niantic and Nintendo decide to add login bonuses to Pokemon GO, fans everywhere would rejoice. Getting some of these rare items would be great for players that don’t want to use real-life money when playing the hit mobile game. Obviously, players that do pay with money get the better benefits, but giving some of them to casual players once or twice a week wouldn’t hurt.

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