Pokemon GO: The Craziest Things Players Have Done

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Pokemon GO

Other than just bringing nostalgia, Niantic?s Pokemon GO has certainly captured the attention of its starting regions. Players have gone active on finding Pokemon on the streets, while some actually go the extra mile and find them in the weirdest and most unexpected locations. Additionally, players are willing to literally go anywhere including police stations to catch those Pokemon. Here are some of the craziest things that players did to attempt catching them all.

Pokemon in the Bathrooms

As seen in the Twitter post, some players are finding Pokemon in their toilets. Technically, players find it funny when your favorite critters don?t know the meaning of privacy in Pokemon GO. While it?s funny and often convenient to find a Pokemon in your own bathroom, this humorous discovery confirms that players can really find them anywhere in the mobile game.

Pokemon in Police Stations

Meanwhile, the Australian server of Pokemon GO has made a police station a Pokestop and caused it to be flocked by players. The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Facebook page has given out an advisory about staying safe on the road while playing the game.

The authorities might have been alarmed by the sudden increase of visitors just coming in and out of the precinct and opted to advise players that entering the premises isn?t needed to avail those Pokestop bonuses. This proves that the players are pretty driven in gathering up resources regardless of the consequences of their strolls for the game?s progression.

Somebody Actually Threw His Smartphone Like a Pokeball

As seen on OfficialllyMJB?s Twitter post, somebody actually threw his phone in an attempt to catch a Pokemon. This is entirely a new player?s mistake, and others are discouraged to imitate it. Catching Pokemon in the mobile game only involves throwing a Pokeball in-game. Just flick a finger toward the wild Pokemon and hope for the best, as catching a creature depends on chance, accuracy in aiming, and timing.. There?s no need to risk your gadgets for the sake of being the best in the game.

As the game isn?t available worldwide yet, the international Pokemon GO community is bound to find new ways to enjoy the game in more humorous situations. Perhaps we?re still lucky that nobody has tried using the app while doing extreme sports. Stay tuned for more news on the mobile game here on TheBitBag.

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